It looks like there would be radical changes about our traveling choices, and new ways in future days. Obviously it is not much possible to travel freely these days, anyway we may dream about how could it be in future ? Here are some tips to travel in a more sustainable and ethical way.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon print is a very important point when it is about traveling. The best option is to prefer train and bus rather than plain. We also may choose walking as much as possible or hiring a bike for short distances, at some areas that we visit to explore. It is healthy for you and also the environment. It also gives a chance to contact with locals to learn more. Best thing to do is to calculate footprint first, before going to a travel route then make some good changes to make it less negative impact. Good plan meaning less negative impact nowaydays.

Support Local

There are many ways to support locals, homestay, accomodation with a local family, can be a very warm and informative experience, learning from everyday lives of locals, culinary,and culture. When shopping for goodies to bring back to home, it is always good to buy the product from the local makers, especially for handcraft items can easily be found around.

Reducing Single Use Plastic

When you are a traveler single using plastic can be more in your llife, to end this, carrying water a water bottle or having a lightweight spoon and fork can be a good thing to do. If ti is not possible the best option is to recycle as much as possible.

Discovering Through Volunteering

Beyond giving negative impact, by volunteering in many days, you may create good while traveling around. There are several options for volunteering most commons about organic agriculture and animal care or building an ecological house. This type of volunteering works may demand longer holiday times just need to consider that.

We gather these nice ideas and thoughts from two cool websites, just visit them for more!

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