Denim is one of the biggest polluter in textile industry with it's dying and washing techniques. For this reason every season new innovations coming alive to reduce the negative impact of denim.

Sustainable denim is a headline for all innovative applications and developments in this area for reducing the negative impact of denim as a product.

Here are some headlines;

Organic Denim

Organic cotton is grown from non genetically modified plants and grown from without using synthetic agricultural chemical like pesticides and fertilizers,

which harms human health especially workers who apply them and pollute soil. Organic cotton requires less water than conventional cotton.

Sustainable Denim Washes

With conventional denim wash it almost takes 7500 liter water to make a jean, now there are some better techniques, here are some of them.⁠ Laser techniques; decrease chemical usage, no stone techniques, eliminates stone usage, ozone washes;decrease water and chemical usage.

To understand why sustainable denim wash is important like to mention brief information about how jeans has been washed regular. In conventional denim production, jeans which are raw and ready to wash first process dry applications to take off some layers mechanically, than and application chemical spray is made for this application traditional wash facilities use permanganate which may cause very serious health problems. After, that jeans got to wash application with some other chemicals it varies due to the application. Between every process jeans washes and dries which means this made almost 3 or 4 time for a jean.

Sustainable Dye Techniques

Textile is the second polluter for all industries. And dying chemicals are the most important polluters of the industry. Natural Dyes; Natural indigo herbal dyes and dyes derive from natural waste products of the agriculture and herbal industries. Less water dye process; With special dye techniques it is possible to reduce water usage almost %80 Eco friendly dyes; Some textiles chemicals have less negative impacts which can be certificated.

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