Here are you may find some tips to keep the track on right on your path to clothing story, yes it may turn to a very wild journey these days, because of fast fashion brands are everywhere and cheap materials covered all around us. Basically we want to share with how you can put a better relationship with your clothes.

Clothing; it was first cover for ourselves as a protection and now they become of a desire object mostly can be used for very short time. Fast fashion system can direct us to buy more wear less and throw away. Luckily we can stop that, let’s have a look !

1.Don Not Buy

As they say most sustainable clothes is the one in your wardrobe so this means if you do not  ‘need’ it, then do not buy it. Planning shopping trips that having a target what exactly you need on your mind, may be a good start.

2.Conscious Choices

If any way you need to get a clothing, there are several ways to do that consciously, second hand stores, local makers, sustainable fashion brands can be your next reliable destination to shop, they can be also found online.

3.Choose Well

How to choose, you consider checking the content label of the products which is very necessary, just keep away as much as possible polyester, which is unhealthy for earth and human which is petrol based, buy quality products that you can wear for many years. You can also try to find products which are made of organic cotton.

4.Take Care

It is good to wash less as much as possible to use less energy and water and also to keep them more durable. Reading the instructions about wash and care and applying them as they said will also work to make your clothing lifetime longer.

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